A Regional Plan for HAB Research Focus and Cooperation in Asia

Global Ecology and Oceanography of Harmful Algal Blooms in Asia: A Regional Cooperative Programme


As a result of two regional meetings cooperation in HAB research a regional research plan has now been launched (May 2010).

The First Asian GEOHAB meeting was held in Tokyo 15-16 March 2007, and the 2nd Asian GEOHAB Meeting, which was organized by the GEOHAB SSC in cooperation with IOC/WESTPAC and the IOC HABViet Project, was held in Nha Trang Vietnam, from 28 January-1 February 2008. The local host was the Institute of Oceanography Nha Trang.

The Second Asian GEOHAB Meeting provided an opportunity to develop further ideas and outlines of regional and national research relevant to GEOHAB, establish partnerships and identify research components that may merge into the GEOHAB Core Research Projects.

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1st Asian Geohab Meeting detals: (Abstract Book)


2nd Asian GEOHAB Meeting details:

The Meeting consisted of two parts. The first part was a two-day seminar with broad participation and presentations on various aspects of harmful algae. This part also served as a forum for exchange of new regional research results and ideas between researchers, industry, government and local users, and other interested parties in Vietnam and regionally. Papers were invited on:

  • Ecology of HABs and the phytoplankton community;

  • Harmful algal bloom dynamics - biological (top down/bottom up) or physical control of HABs

  • HAB modelling, early warning, monitoring and mitigation;

  • HAB species biodiversity;

  • HAB eco-physiology, growth rates, toxicology;

  • Harmful algal events;

  • Biodiversity, ecology, toxicology and harmful effects of cyanobacteria;

  • Economical impact of HABs

  • HAB communication strategies – public out-reach

The second part was a two-day workshop for presentation and discussion of ongoing and planned research relevant to GEOHAB. Among the ongoing research of high relevance to be discussed is:

  • the EASTHAB project, whose targeted species include Prorocentrum donghaiense, Cochlodinium polykrikoides, Gymnodinium catenatum in the East China Sea. 
  • a comparative ecosystem study in eutrophied waters, including Seto Inland Sea, Korean coastal waters, East China Sea, Hong Kong Harbour, Manila Bay and the inner Gulf of Thailand. 
  • a Japanese, Korean and Chinese joint study on Harmful Algal Blooms in the East China Sea 
  • The GEOHAB Core Research Projects will also be introduced and discussed for inspiration and identification of regional elements that may interact with or be part of the GEOHAB Core Research Projects. 

There was subsequently plenary and subgroup discussions on development of specific new research projects or coordination and cooperation among ongoing projects. It it the objective to draft a plan for the development of Asian GEOHAB.

Download Programme and Abstract Book (1MB PDF file)



  • Dr. Bui Hong Long, Director, Institute of Oceanography Nha Trang


  • Ken Furuya, Japan (GEOHAB SSC and WESTPAC/HAB) 
  • Ming-Jiang Zhou, China (GEOHAB SSC) 
  • Nguyen Ngoc Lam, Vietnam (Local host) 
  • Doan Nhu Hai, Vietnam (Local host) 
  • Robin Raine, Ireland (Chair GEOHAB SSC) 
  • Patricia Glibert, USA (Chair GEOHAB Core Research Project of HABs in Eutrophied Systems) 
  • Jacob Larsen, Denmark (HABViet Project IOC Science and Communication Centre on Harmful Algae)  
  • Henrik Enevoldsen (IOC)